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Teaching From A Father's Perspective

Richard LeMere

I relate the study which is Leviticus for the next few weeks, we are looking at the Scripture as a Father teaching His child. Then as a child (of any age) of God the Father that will allow us to understand the application of the Father’s words. This has drawn our class into a deeper relationship to our Heavenly Father through Christ who has opened the door to our adoption into His family. Because several of our members are parents this gives even deep insight to His heart, if you have any questions please let me know and our age group is a wide mix.

Talking Truth

Tom Washington

My class is studying the Book of James in the Bible. We are using the BaptistWay Press study guide. We will move into 1 John and 2 John next.

Our class is very much a discussion and participation learning model.  Most of the people in my class are mature Christians, some are Deacons. We could use some new young Christians to join us.

The Encourager's Class

Sandy and David Ward

The Encourager’s Class Exists to:

  • To Have a Closer Relationship with God
  • To Have a Better Understanding of His Word
  • To Have a Better Understanding of the Jewish People
  • Socials-Get to Know Each Other Better
  • Class Fellowship Trips
  • To Have Class Benevolence Projects
  • Did I mention Socials (Fun Things to do)
  • Reach Church Members Who are NOT in a Bible Study Class and Visitors to our Church
  • Start Our Study with Moses and the Tent of Meeting
  • Leader Led and Class Discussion

New Take on an Old Story

Stan G.

I took over the older class years ago. We have couples and singles that are 30 on up on age.

New believers and seasoned believers, we give a lot to each other.