Magnificent Monday – February 10, 2020

Magnificent Monday – February 10, 2020

Magnificent Monday   2020     First Baptist Hebron

Psalm 145:3-5

Welcome, Giveaways, Introductions: Donna Smith

Women’s Team:

Monette Vinson, Shawn Stephens, Maryann Leach, Kristen Osuka, Carol Kersey, Heather Pennington, Kay McKee, Jane Fambro   Prayer: Sandy Ward

Debbie Stuart Video~Magnificent  Song to John Mark:

“My Heart Is New For You”

Magnificent Music Man: WT  Greer

Magnificent Mama: Kelli Coleman Smith

Magnificent Message: Chrissie Dunham

“Entrusted to Guard the Deposit and Fan the Flame”

Magnificent Munchies

Special Thanks to

Tech Team: Gerald Tidman    Robert Kelly

FBCH  Admin: Becky Dorn

Prayer and Care Ministry: Mary Hall

Pastor: Steve Smith